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That's my little sister Mimi. If you haven't already, click on the player on the left side of the home page. Mimi inherited my mom's incredible vocal cords. Through her work with David Byrne (of The Talking Heads), Michael Stipe (of REM), Moby, Bryan Eno (of Roxy Music) and others, Mimi made quite a name for herself within the music biz. She started as the lead singer of a band called Hugo Largo (which backed up the Sugar Cubes with Björk at a concert here in San Diego back in "the day"). These three songs are from her solo album called "Soak" and are available for listening and purchase at Amazon (MP3 format) and the iTunes Store. Enjoy!
~ Dan Goese



Cycling News


There's a lot more happening in the SoCal/San Diego cycling scene than you'll find links to on this page. Explore the tabs above, depending upon your interest. If you're interested in racing, click here to go to the racing page. If you prefer less-competitive fun rides, click here. Each of these resources is organized by month so you can pick an event that fits in with your schedule.



Humble suggestion
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sharing the road:
"TNTbad" which
means try NOT to
be a dick.

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Barrio Logan Grand Prix
Download free Barrio Logan Grand Prix photos. See below.

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Welcome to La Jolla Vélo, Dan Goese's crib notes on bicycling in San Diego County—and the rest of the world for when you can't be here. Explore the massive list of cycling links below and the menu bars on the left side and top of each page. Here are several key items to start with:
  1. CLUB RIDES: Come and join the SDBC Saturday morning club ride in La Jolla to meet lots of fellow cycling enthusiasts at every skill level (beginner to pro). SDBC often has organized Sunday rides, but if you're an experienced rider and want to ride religiously on Sundays, the Church of Cycling is also a good bet, typically departing from the Del Mar area.
  2. RESOURCES: Start with our list of rides (including GPS-generated maps, mileage and elevation gain) from La Jolla. San Diego County has several "must do" rides.
  3. QUESTIONS: If the information on this site doesn't answer your question about cycling in San Diego, feel free to email me (Dan Goese) and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
  4. CYCLING PUBLICATIONS: If you're a cycling junky from anywhere in the world, make sure you check out this comprehensive list of online cycling publications.
  5. "AND MORE..." In case you haven't already seen them, see our dedicated pages for bike shops, road bike races, rides, bike clubs, track (velodrome fixed gear racing), cycling advocacy, and navigation around San Diego, America's Finest City and a pretty darn nice place to ride your bike.

Hincapie Racing Team    Go Goese   Andy Hampsten's Cinghiale Cycling Tours

SDBC 2015 club photo; thanks to Emerald Textiles, our title sponsor!

Upcoming EVENTS:


Click here for instructions on Flickr photo downloading [243 KB PDF].

Enjoy a 2014 SoCal Crit (Roger Millikan Memorial) from a perspective I never have: The winner's bike in the race. Rahsaan Bahati's video below conveys the adrenaline-gushing perspective within the sport of criterium "crit" bike racing...

Whether you were born and raised here in San Diego or just visiting for a few days, if you're really into cycling you should take at least a few of the many memorable road and mountain bike rides available. Favorites include Torrey Pines Grade and the coastal highway along the Pacific Ocean, Palomar Mountain (a great climb), 5 faces of Mount Soledad, and many more. Anderson Truck Trail is a challenging course for those seeking some single-track MTB fun.

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The 2015 World Championships, every recent Barrio Logan Grand Prix, the 2010 Tour de France, 2009 Giro, and lots of local rides and races are included in this Flickr online photo album. You can get the full-size digital image from Flickr. See Flickr photo download instructions here. For more local cycling photos, visit Danny Munson's Cycling Illustrated.

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CYCLING ADVOCACY:"Le cyclisme, notre passion."
See the list of cycling advocacy organizations.

Bicycling Navigation
Bike Navigation Garmin & Strava dashboards & ride data page for San Diego.

San Diego County Cycling Event Calendars:
SDBC | San Diego County Bicycle Coalition | Meetup San Diego Cyclists |

Road Bike Basics |

Congratulations to SDBC for 69 years of winning races!

Weather: Air Quality | La Jolla | Palomar Mountain | Mount Laguna

Cycling-Related Publications:

Check out the "quick access" cycling news sources in the column to the right. These are direct, ad & cookie-free links to the best bike racing news web sites. Click here for more cycling publications.





*Those marked with an asterisk* require an account or subscription.

This video (below) of a memorable descent after the 2009 Giro d'Italia "Alpe de Siusi" hilltop finish gets off to a slow start and is shaky as hell (the camera was mounted to my handle bars) but it provides a glimpse of the excitement of [literally] following a grand tour. We climbed this hill and then–after watching the pros race to the top–we all (spectators, pros, team cars) rode back down together because there was no other way out. At certain points you'll notice I could draft behind team cars. (Thanks to Thomson Bike Tours for the awesome roadside tent with satellite TV and buffet!)


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Hincapie Sportswear

The Planet Ultra climbing camp collided [figuratively] with BMC Pro Racing in the beautiful, hilly Topanga Canyon area. This gorgeous area just inland from Malibu is now the home training ground of Dave Zabriskie and others who have disovered how perfect it is for training in the winter months while Nanooks of the North train indoors. Dan Goese (crusty old La Jolla Velo web guy & SDBC sponsor) with George Hincapie (3-time National Road Racing Champion, record-breaking 17-time TdF competitor!) in Agoura Hills, January 2010:

The most amazing cycing paradise I've experienced lies in Tuscany, and pro cyclist Andy Hampsten & his wife Elaine showed us the best routes in the region (2014, below).

More pictures here.


If you're not an SDBC member, it's easy to join. Click here for the online SDBC enrollment page. There is no auto-renewal, so you need to "re-join" SDBC each calendar year.


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Are centuries just too short for you? You must have the Randonneuring bug.

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Videos at Global Cycling Network
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RBA Digital Edition HERE
Pez Cycling News

Universal Sports Cycling
Bicycling Magazine
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Shore Tower in La Jolla

Cycling Stories

Sometimes we make our own news while riding our bikes. Do you have a story to share? Let us know and we'll add it to our Cycling stories page (click here).

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"I know I can't outrun Father Time, but I'd like to ride alongside him as long as I can." (Possibly a paraphrase of a quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes. At any rate I like the idea.)

“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings..."
John Muir, 1838-1914


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